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> Well the DSi has about 4x more ram than a DSlite/Ds
> -afaik- none of that is usable when you execute .nds roms 
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Correct. The ideal situation for DSLinux on a DSi would be to have a flashcard that runs in DSi mode (most run in DS mode), and can execute DSi ROMs (don’t know how DSi/Hybrid roms work). There weren’t a lot of DSi only games(1?), and a handful of hybrid games that had extra features on DSi. Thus, many DSi flashcards simply worked on a DSi, yet only yielded DS mode ROM execution.

If DSLinux was then re-compiled as a DSi ROM and executed on such a capable flashcard, all of the hardware (memory, camera, improved wireless, etc.) would be accessible.

Since the DSi doesn’t have a GBA slot, the traditional solutions for extra RAM (slot-2 devices) won’t work, and you would be limited to the small amount (4mb IIRC) of RAM that DS-mode ROMs have access to without the expansion devices.
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