A port of cNibbles to DSLinux.

Stefan Sperling stsp at stsp.name
Sat Sep 29 21:06:07 CEST 2007

On Fri, Sep 28, 2007 at 08:26:52PM +0200, Alessandro Lo-Presti wrote:
> On a further note; I followed some of the steps as described on the
> Wiki but found this step to be very redundant:
> --
> Also, add the Makefile you created to the patch:
> $ diff -u /dev/null user/units/Makefile >> /tmp/units.diff
> --
> Regardless, I did append it to the patch just to be on the safe side
> but is it really necessary (with regard to future patches)?
> Reason I ask is that creating the patch compares the modified Makefile
> with the original Makefile (and thus already has picked up on the
> changes made..).

You've missed the point of the above command in the context
of the porting guide.

The porting guide is meant to lead you to the following directory
structure, if the app you are porting has a configure script:

                   +---- Makefile <-- created by you from
                                      template in guide
                   +---- src/
                            cNibbles source tree here

What you have is this:

                   cNibbles source tree here

Hence the command is of course redundant in your scheme,
but in the first scheme the Makefile above the real source
tree has not been diffed yet at the point where the guide
tells you to run the command.

The extra Makefile in the first scheme is a wrapper around
the build system used by the source tree in src/.

This way it is easier to integrate configure scripts into
the DSLinux build process. Because our build process has
been inherited from uClinux where no configure scripts are
used for some reason, we came up with the additional Makefile
and src/ directory to compile complicated apps like links
and openssl that have configure scripts.

The alternative of running configure on only the developer's
system once and hack the resulting Makefiles proved
unmaintainable in the long term.

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