A port of cNibbles to DSLinux.

Alessandro Lo-Presti agilo3 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 22:06:24 CEST 2007

On 9/29/07, Stefan Sperling <stsp at stsp.name> wrote:
> You've missed the point of the above command in the context
> of the porting guide.
> The porting guide is meant to lead you to the following directory
> structure, if the app you are porting has a configure script:
> user/games/cNibbles/
>                    |
>                    +---- Makefile <-- created by you from
>                                       template in guide
>                    |
>                    +---- src/
>                             |
>                             cNibbles source tree here
> What you have is this:
> user/games/cNibbles/
>                    |
>                    cNibbles source tree here
> Hence the command is of course redundant in your scheme,
> but in the first scheme the Makefile above the real source
> tree has not been diffed yet at the point where the guide
> tells you to run the command.
> The extra Makefile in the first scheme is a wrapper around
> the build system used by the source tree in src/.
> This way it is easier to integrate configure scripts into
> the DSLinux build process. Because our build process has
> been inherited from uClinux where no configure scripts are
> used for some reason, we came up with the additional Makefile
> and src/ directory to compile complicated apps like links
> and openssl that have configure scripts.
> The alternative of running configure on only the developer's
> system once and hack the resulting Makefiles proved
> unmaintainable in the long term.
> --
> stefan
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Aha, I see.  That explains it.

Since cNibbles doesn't have a configure script, it's okay the way I
sent it in, isn't it?

Kind regards,
Alessandro Lo-Presti
agilo3 at gmail.com

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