DSLinux compiling and binary questions

Benjamin Fair fair.105 at osu.edu
Sat Dec 7 01:41:03 CET 2013

I might be able to get it when I go home for winter break. You can try the
newest version of Ubuntu from when I sent that patch, because that's what I
compiled it with.
On Dec 6, 2013 12:52 PM, "HoraK-FDF" <HoraK-FDF at web.de> wrote:

> Thx for the Answers :).
> I wanted to compile it just because i found this sbagen patch from
> Benjamin a while ago http://mailman.dslinux.in-
> berlin.de/pipermail/dslinux-devel-dslinux.in-berlin.de/
> 2009-December/001135.html . I know that i can compile it seperatly but
> compile only one or all booth needs an working toolchain and an operating
> system that works with it. My openSUSE 12.1 does it not thats why i'm
> asking for operating system that can compile it out of the box or what old
> make version is needed, that is mentioned here but with no hint which one
> it is http://mailman.dslinux.in-berlin.de/pipermail/dslinux-
> devel-dslinux.in-berlin.de/2011-July/001157.html . the gcc 4.2 or so with
> patches i allready have.
> lame was just an idea if i somehow have an wav on my sdcard to be capable
> to convert it to mp3 even if it takes hours. But getting lame to work is
> not very important more is sbagen to have an binual sounds player.
> Benjamin do u maybe have an binary of your port laying around or was this
> too long ago ;)?
> ... greetings HoraK-FDF
> Benjamin Fair schrieb:
>> SBaGen definitely works cross compiled. I posted a patch here a long time
>> ago to add it to the source tree. You just need to reduce the bitrate to
>> keep it from stuttering.
>> On Dec 5, 2013 7:59 AM, "Stefan Sperling" <stsp at stsp.name <mailto:
>> stsp at stsp.name>> wrote:
>>     On Thu, Dec 05, 2013 at 08:20:13AM +0100, Florian Bruhin wrote:
>>     > Hi,
>>     >
>>     > * horak-fdf at web.de <mailto:horak-fdf at web.de> <horak-fdf at web.de
>>     <mailto:horak-fdf at web.de>> [2013-12-05 00:05:27 +0100]:
>>     > > i wantd to compile dslinux because i need sbagen and lame on my ds
>>     >
>>     > Why would you need to *compile* DSLinux yourself for that? Just use
>>     > one of the ready builds at [1] or [2].
>>     >
>>     >   [1] http://dslinux.org/builds/
>>     >   [2] http://kineox.free.fr/DS/
>>     >
>>     > You merely want to cross-compile a single *application* for DSLinux,
>>     > that doesn't mean you have to compile DSLinux as a whole. Just like
>>     > when you're compiling something for your PC -- you don't have to
>>     > recompile your whole kernel for that ;)
>>     I think it's actually easier to build the whole tree, rather than
>>     trying to cross-compile one application and copying it to an existing
>>     dslinux install. Usually you'll need the C runtime and libraries etc.
>>     cross-compiled as well so you can link the application. The full build
>>     does that for you.
>>     If memory serves me right, I built the most recent set of binaries
>>     on Debian Squeeze. But it could also have been the Debian release
>>     that came before squeeze. In any case, it was a Debian-stable system.
>>     > That being said, I really doubt this is going to work. We're talking
>>     > about 67 MHz of processing "power" and 18 MB of RAM (2 MB without an
>>     > expension pack, which is _definitely_ not going to work).
>>     >
>>     > I remember this was enough to run ssh and some audio player back
>>     when
>>     > I used DSLinux, but I guess there'll be no way SBAgen and lame will
>>     > run.
>>     Lame uses floating point instructions which are quite slow because
>>     they are emulated in software. There is madplay in the builds already
>>     to play mp3 files, which sort of works and doesn't use floating point.
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