DSLinux compiling and binary questions

HoraK-FDF HoraK-FDF at web.de
Fri Dec 6 19:05:12 CET 2013

Thx for the Answers :).

I wanted to compile it just because i found this sbagen patch from 
Benjamin a while ago 
. I know that i can compile it seperatly but compile only one or all 
booth needs an working toolchain and an operating system that works with 
it. My openSUSE 12.1 does it not thats why i'm asking for operating 
system that can compile it out of the box or what old make version is 
needed, that is mentioned here but with no hint which one it is 
. the gcc 4.2 or so with patches i allready have.

lame was just an idea if i somehow have an wav on my sdcard to be 
capable to convert it to mp3 even if it takes hours. But getting lame to 
work is not very important more is sbagen to have an binual sounds player.

Benjamin do u maybe have an binary of your port laying around or was 
this too long ago ;)?

... greetings HoraK-FDF

Benjamin Fair schrieb:
> SBaGen definitely works cross compiled. I posted a patch here a long 
> time ago to add it to the source tree. You just need to reduce the 
> bitrate to keep it from stuttering.
> On Dec 5, 2013 7:59 AM, "Stefan Sperling" <stsp at stsp.name 
> <mailto:stsp at stsp.name>> wrote:
>     On Thu, Dec 05, 2013 at 08:20:13AM +0100, Florian Bruhin wrote:
>     > Hi,
>     >
>     > * horak-fdf at web.de <mailto:horak-fdf at web.de> <horak-fdf at web.de
>     <mailto:horak-fdf at web.de>> [2013-12-05 00:05:27 +0100]:
>     > > i wantd to compile dslinux because i need sbagen and lame on my ds
>     >
>     > Why would you need to *compile* DSLinux yourself for that? Just use
>     > one of the ready builds at [1] or [2].
>     >
>     >   [1] http://dslinux.org/builds/
>     >   [2] http://kineox.free.fr/DS/
>     >
>     > You merely want to cross-compile a single *application* for DSLinux,
>     > that doesn't mean you have to compile DSLinux as a whole. Just like
>     > when you're compiling something for your PC -- you don't have to
>     > recompile your whole kernel for that ;)
>     I think it's actually easier to build the whole tree, rather than
>     trying to cross-compile one application and copying it to an existing
>     dslinux install. Usually you'll need the C runtime and libraries etc.
>     cross-compiled as well so you can link the application. The full build
>     does that for you.
>     If memory serves me right, I built the most recent set of binaries
>     on Debian Squeeze. But it could also have been the Debian release
>     that came before squeeze. In any case, it was a Debian-stable system.
>     > That being said, I really doubt this is going to work. We're talking
>     > about 67 MHz of processing "power" and 18 MB of RAM (2 MB without an
>     > expension pack, which is _definitely_ not going to work).
>     >
>     > I remember this was enough to run ssh and some audio player back
>     when
>     > I used DSLinux, but I guess there'll be no way SBAgen and lame will
>     > run.
>     Lame uses floating point instructions which are quite slow because
>     they are emulated in software. There is madplay in the builds already
>     to play mp3 files, which sort of works and doesn't use floating point.
>     --
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