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Stefan Sperling stsp at
Mon Oct 8 17:07:16 CEST 2007

On Mon, Oct 08, 2007 at 06:09:55AM +0200, Troy Davis wrote:
> Quoting Ewan Meadows <ewan.meadows at>:
> > Here's a patch that contains and enables chishm's dlditool for the
> > DLDI build.  It's only a single small source file so I've included it
> > in the patch, original source came from chishms dldi page.
> >
> I imported latest dlditool 1.24 into vendor branch from devkitpro sourceforge
> cvs so checkit out from dslinux 3rd party and redo/resubmit your patch, and
> i'll apply it and submit it.

What is "latest"?

Did you checkout their trunk? Or is there a tag we can use to know
exactly what you imported? We'll need to be able to figure out what
dlditool baseline you imported next time we update dlditool, in order
to produce a suitable diff of _their_ changes we can apply to the
vendor branch.

It's not a problem really with a small tool such as diditool,
because we can always try to diff their cvs from 'the date you imported
it into our repo' to 'another tag or today' to get their changes from
then till now, and somehow make ends meet.

But for large projects we really need to be able to reproduce what exact
version we have imported. So please, with upstream sources, try to at least
use a known never-changing tag if possible.
If in doubt always go for an official release.

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