uclinux vendor branch update (was: Re: account?)

Daniele Forsi dforsi at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 16:57:17 CET 2007

2007/1/16, Stefan Sperling wrote:

> If we only pull selected directories from upstream uClinux
> onto our uclinux vendor branch, we will likely get confused
> and we'll have to create an insane amount of tags to do merges.
> (E.g. tags/uclinux/ulinux_YYYMMDD_plus_fileutils_from_YYYYMMDD,
> etc.) This is pretty stupid.


> So please merge their *whole* tree (not just fileutils)
> in its current state into branches/vendor/uclinux and
> tag it as tags/uclinux/uclinux_YYYYMMDD.

I should check out the current version of uClinux and putting today's
date in our tag, right?

I'm asking because it seems that the most recent tag is
"uClinux-dist-test-20060711" but I see that some files were changed 4
months ago, and one of these files is in "fileutils".


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