uclinux vendor branch update (was: Re: account?)

Stefan Sperling stsp at stsp.in-berlin.de
Tue Jan 16 16:13:56 CET 2007

Hi Daniele,

I'm Cc'ing dslinux-devel now.

On Tue, Jan 16, 2007 at 03:10:26PM +0100, Daniele Forsi wrote:
> WRT fileutils, uClinux has a single change for it since your import,
> so this would be merged using a vendor branch.


I've been thinking about how we can track this fileutils
update the best way.

We need to be able to refer to the vendor's state that
has been imported by a tag, because we cannot keep track
of the history of merges that use a branch as source.

If we only pull selected directories from upstream uClinux
onto our uclinux vendor branch, we will likely get confused
and we'll have to create an insane amount of tags to do merges.
(E.g. tags/uclinux/ulinux_YYYMMDD_plus_fileutils_from_YYYYMMDD,
etc.) This is pretty stupid.

So please merge their *whole* tree (not just fileutils)
in its current state into branches/vendor/uclinux and
tag it as tags/uclinux/uclinux_YYYYMMDD.

The merge can be done by some script that comes with the
subversion distribution. I believe it's called vendor.pl or
something, I haven't tried it yet. It's mentioned in
the subversion book somewhere along with the vendor
branch stuff. It probably simply automates what I am
describing below.

Or you can merge manually.
If you do a manual merge, you need to:

	1) checkout a copy of branches/vendor/uclinux
	2) somehow make it look like the current uclinux tree
	   (e.g. by applying a patch or copying files).
	3) create a diff of file listings between the new
	   and the old state. svn remove deleted files,
	   svn add new files.
	   Important: Read the file README.uclinux-omitted
	   on that branch (it's not on the trunk). I've noted
	   there what directories I omitted during the original
	   import of uClinux. Please don't import any of this
	   (unless you find something interesting to port ;-).
	4) commit
	5) create a new tag (tags/uclinux/uclinux_YYYYMMDD)
	   immediately after the commit

Then pick whatever you need from that tag and merge it into
the trunk.

At some point we might try to merge everything from the
new tag into our tree anyway, so it does not hurt if it
all the stuff is already there.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask me
anything. Better safe than sorry :-)

> Two files included in fileutils were derived from sash in year 1993
> and have been changed in the sash package in 2004, but not in uClinux
> and I'm going to pull the changes by hand.

That sounds good.
You should have commit access now. See my seperate mail on the
issue for details.

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