Importing uClinux-dist-20070130

Bastiaan van den Berg bastiaan at
Mon Feb 5 14:40:39 CET 2007

just a quick scan of some blah
(reinstalling some workbox , so have some time to google all these apps)

On 2/5/07, Daniele Forsi <dforsi at> wrote:


> And this is the import list:
> libpam
- drop, PAM not used

> (user directory, those added in this thread plus those alreadly
> present, not all apps are available in trunk)

> can4linux
- CAN is some ISA network stack , unless someone has an idea how to
add the perma-sexy ISA bus to the NDS , i vote drop

> cbi_client
- some motorola USB tool, drop

> clamav
- someone actually wants an AV on nds? else drop

> de2ts-cal
- ooooo touchscreen calibration , eventhough 'dragonengine board
specific' we might be able to reuse this sorta? , i vote keep

> dhcpd
- dhcp server on nds just feels bad .. , drop

> diald
- phone interface before phone API , drop

> frob-led
- some led blink tool for something called a 'NETtel' , drop

> fswcert
- this is some freeswan tool that is actually removed from freeswan
nowadays, how is this new? drop

> horch
- more CAN stuff, drop

> hostap
- wlan AP server, cute idea to do on NDS, but i think this only works
with prism2 cards, drop

> iso_client
- USB stuff from motorola again, drop

> kendin-config
- Small program for configuring the Micrel Kendin KS8995M over QSPI
  no clue , drop

ok, bored. :) might do more later


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