tmsnc 0.3.2 - new patch

John S. Skogtvedt jss2k2 at
Tue Dec 26 19:21:36 CET 2006

Differences from the last patch:
* fixed bug(s) where strings weren't zero terminated (replaced #ifndef 
ICONV strncpy calls with calls to a new zero-terminating strncpyz function)
* used the configure-calling Makefile from the Porting Howto

tmsnc compiled against current svn (both the new and old patch) crashes 
when run on a month-or-two old build. Either the builds are incompatible 
or openssl has been broken.
I don't have access to a card reader at the moment, so I can't test.

Patch is attached.

Original source code can be found at:
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