anonymous svn up and running

Stefan Sperling stsp at
Fri Dec 22 00:55:14 CET 2006


anonymous checkouts of the DSLinux source tree as hosted
with Subversion are now possible.

Please see my updates to
for more information.

Subversion workspaces are much bigger than CVS workspaces.
Subversion keeps a shadow copy of the initial state after checkout around
to allow for nifty features such as offline diffing. This means better
performance and less dependance on network connectivity and the server,
at the expense of disk space. A full Subversion checkout of the DSLinux
source tree is currently about 1GB large!

I am not yet sure whether the anonsvn server performs better with
Subversion than it did with CVS. Subversion seems to cause more load
on the server itself, while causing less network traffic. Especially
initial checkouts seem to take a long time, so you should really
consider getting the snapshot tarball to download a copy of the tree
for the first time. The snapshot tarball is currently only about 200MB
in size.

Note that existing CVS workspaces cannot be converted.
You will have to get a new copy of the tree.

I will keep anoncvs operational for a while in case people still need
it to create diffs. But note that the CVS mirror will not be updated
anymore, as development now happens with Subversion. Also keep in
mind that anoncvs access will eventually be disabled, so it is a good
idea to switch your working copies to Subversion as soon as possible.

If anyone wants to provide another anonsvn mirror of the DSLinux
source tree, please get in touch. It would be very useful.

Happy hacking!
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