subversion repository is now operational

Stefan Sperling stsp at
Thu Dec 21 17:20:11 CET 2006


the Subversion repository is now operational, i.e.:

	* it has been converted
	* people can do commits
	* mail is sent out to dslinux-commit
	* anything else does not work yet

For example, websvn does not work yet, but should be up in a couple
of days (probably after christmas though :o)

Also, anonymous access is currently impossible, sorry.
I will try to get anonymous access up ASAP.

Committers should do the following to use the new setup:

1) Put an entry like the following into ~/.ssh/config to
save yourself some typing:

	Host dslinux-svn
		User <username>

where <username> is the same username as with CVS.

2) Try checking out a workspace with svn.

	svn co svn+ssh://dslinux-svn/svnroot/dslinux/trunk dslinux

The output of this command will look somewhat like this when run
the first time:

	The authenticity of host '
	(' can't be established.
	DSA key fingerprint is
	Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
	Warning: Permanently added '' (DSA) to
	the list of known hosts.
	A    dslinux/toolchain
	A    dslinux/toolchain/ndstool
	A    dslinux/toolchain/ndstool/raw2c.c
	A    dslinux/toolchain/ndstool/source
	A    dslinux/toolchain/ndstool/source/ndsextract.cpp

You may see the RSA fingerprint instead of the DSA one.

N.B.: The fingerprints for are:
	DSA: 0c:d6:be:68:b7:bf:87:0c:07:96:1d:83:2a:61:1a:75
	RSA: 63:ee:c7:d0:81:0c:cb:06:9b:bf:e7:f6:dd:dc:2b:76

3) If you have not read it already, please read
I will try to update this and other relevant pages in the wiki.

4) Commit all patches that have queued up while the repo was down :)
There are a couple of very good patches on the mailing list that have not
made their way into the repository yet. If you can, please pick up a few
of them and commit. Thanks.

5) If there are any problems, let me know.

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