Ported sed

Cayenne cayennes at gmail.com
Wed Dec 20 04:29:03 CET 2006

I tested it and it works nicely (but of course it can't be committed
until the transition to SVN is complete.)

The vendor.diff wouldn't apply for me (I don't know if this is a
problem with the diff file or I was failing to run patch in the way
the diff expected.) I ignored this for now and just added sed to my
usual config.

The policy for what default configs things should be added to can be
found here: http://mailman.dslinux.in-berlin.de/pipermail/dslinux-devel/2006-November/000344.html

If it's something likely to take up a significant amount of RAM - I
have the idea that the fact that sed doesn't is one of its features -
then I think you can use old non-ram config file for your card to test
it.  If you don't have one on hand you'll have to get it out of CVS
history as they don't currently exist.  I think perhaps we should
re-introduce such a thing for testing purposes.  Perhaps one config
that wastes some space to simply work on all of the ram supported
cards but doesn't include anything besides the core features?  In any
case doing this sort of testing without some such config file is a
minor nuisance.

- Cayenne

On 12/19/06, Michael Kurz <michi.kurz at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I ported sed to dslinux.
> I know that sed is in busybox available too, but i read about some problems
> with that implementation, and IIRC using the busybox sed would cost some of
> the internal ram.
> The original source is available here:
> ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/sed/sed-4.1.5.tar.gz
> The attached files:
> sed.diff                - Patch for SED
> user-Makefile.diff  - Adding sed in user/Makefile
> config.diff             - Adding sed in config/
> vendor.diff            - Adding sed in vendor/
> I only set the config-option for sed in the RAM build, because thats the
> only one i can test.
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> michael
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