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Florian Bruhin me at
Mon Jan 14 08:31:35 CET 2013

* daniel felce <linuxhack1991 at> [2013-01-14 00:35:16 +0000]:
> how to make a simple build of the files

You were already given a link to a wiki page[1], it's all described
there. Please read and understand it, then come back if you have an
actual, concrete problem ;)

Also, please don't take this to personally, but when you are unwilling
to spend some self-initiative to at least _try_ getting it to build,
I don't understand how you'd be able to "edit it to work better on
your nintendo ds lite". I might be wrong, but this somehow sounds like
you think this is far more trivial than it is.

Anyways, it's still appreciated and good luck!



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