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* horak-fdf at web.de <horak-fdf at web.de> [2013-12-05 00:05:27 +0100]:
> i wantd to compile dslinux because i need sbagen and lame on my ds

Why would you need to *compile* DSLinux yourself for that? Just use
one of the ready builds at [1] or [2].

  [1] http://dslinux.org/builds/
  [2] http://kineox.free.fr/DS/

You merely want to cross-compile a single *application* for DSLinux,
that doesn't mean you have to compile DSLinux as a whole. Just like
when you're compiling something for your PC -- you don't have to
recompile your whole kernel for that ;)

That being said, I really doubt this is going to work. We're talking
about 67 MHz of processing "power" and 18 MB of RAM (2 MB without an
expension pack, which is _definitely_ not going to work).

I remember this was enough to run ssh and some audio player back when
I used DSLinux, but I guess there'll be no way SBAgen and lame will

Isn't there some existing native homebrew for the DS to play .sbg? If
not, I guess you could use sbagen/lame on the PC to create MP3s, and
then play these with Moonshell or some other audio player.

Or you get some cheap Android device, there are apps for that there if
I remember correctly.

> - is there an linux distribution known that can compile dslinux out
> of the box?

See above -- but if anything, I'd try something from 2009 or so when
there was the last big activity in DSLinux, probably an Ubuntu 9.10 or
10.04 would work.

But let me emphatizise this again: There is no reason why you would
need to build DSLinux (except curiosity, or masochism)

> - can someone please send my an allready compiled sbagen or lame for DSLinux?

(to get the toolchain)


-- Florian

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