Pat Maechler Patrick.Maechler at stud.unibas.ch
Mon Aug 15 00:39:54 CEST 2011

Someone might have done so already (but could be a stupid product ad blog?)

But thinking more in depth I guess it should indeed be possible to run  
DSLinux without modifications, as it likely should switch into  
backward compatibility mode then

I'm considering buying a 3DS for further experiments (also due to the  
reduced price now) as I hopefully will finish my master thesis soon  
and got some spare time then. It certainly would be fun trying to make  
use of
* the new 3D display,
* the IR Port,
* the PICA200 GPU and
* the extended storage+memory (2GB/128MB).
I already used DSLinux with a normal DS, but unfortunately never got  
the time to ever start developing on it myself (although as a TA at  
our university I convinced a CS lecture group to do a small project on  


Quoting Pat Maechler <Patrick.Maechler at stud.unibas.ch>:

> Anyone started to look into the 3DS to see what could be ported and
> what would need changes? :-)
> -pat
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