Compile DSlinux from repository

Stefan Sperling stsp at
Mon Nov 15 11:54:06 CET 2010

On Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 01:53:45AM +0000, thabubble at wrote:
> How do I compile Linux for DS? I was going to read DSlinux wiki, but the 
> server seems down. Could you help me? I want to make a bigger font 
> and also experiment with some things. Please make easy read and as 
> detailed answers as possible. I.e. from the tarball file downloaded from 
> => dldi patchable .nds with linux 
> directory.

There is a lot to explain, more than I can type in one email.
You'll need the data from the wiki. Hoss, do you have a way to recover it?
I was keeping an automated backup, but it turns out those pages are now
error messages from the wiki rather than actual content :(
Maybe someone can find a backup of the wiki somewhere on the net?
I think that our pages have been mirrored to various wiki sites.

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