Cross Compiling elinks

Austin Brkich austin.brkich at
Thu Nov 20 04:08:47 CET 2008

Alright, I am not sure if anyone here has tried to do this yet or not
since I just joined the Mailing List. But I am trying to cross compile
elinks because I prefer it way more then links and it has much better
features for me to use. Anyways I have download 0.11.5 and I
configured it with "./configure --prefix=/usr --host=arm-linux". It
goes through that alright but when I try to "./make" it there turns
out to be one major bug that decides to cause it to stop the whole

arm-linux-elf-gcc: unrecognized option '-rdynamic'

I can't really copy the whole log of the terminal right now but I will
work on getting that if it is really needed. But it happens right
after working it's way through the whole src folder and running the
command "MAKE all". Well that is all I can really tell but all the
files with the extension's .o end up getting displayed right after a
status message of [CC].

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