Speaker output being turned off with screen blank?

Stefan Sperling stsp at stsp.name
Wed Mar 19 13:11:24 CET 2008

On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 12:11:06AM +0000, Ewan Meadows wrote:
> After playing around with EsounD the other night I noticed that when
> the framebuffer screen blank activates it causes the Speaker output to
> be turned off until the screen is activated again.  The headphone
> output is still fine.  After a quick look I noticed a few things:
> from linux-2.6.x/drivers/video/ndsfb.c:469
> static int ndsfb_blank(int blank_mode, struct fb_info *info)
> {
>         if (blank_mode) {
>                 //POWER_CR &= ~ ( POWER_2D | POWER_2D_SUB |
>                 POWER_CR &= ~(POWER_LCD_TOP | POWER_LCD_TOP);

This looks odd, why is POWER_LCD_TOP  OR'd with itself?

> Is it just me or is POWER_LCD_TOP being sent to both cpu's?  I'm
> pretty sure this is where the problem lies.

No idea. AFAIK the framebuffer driver is arm9 only... ?
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