Microphone driver and DSerial Edge

Ewan Meadows ewan.meadows at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 15:06:10 CET 2008

2008/12/15 Alessandro Lo-Presti <agilo3 at gmail.com>

> Heya,
> Cool news on the mic front!
> As for DSerial EDGE: I bought(/preordered) one as soon as it became
> available and have since recieved it.

Oh, I didn't realise they haven't been released yet.  I assumed that
considering that firmware is available for download it was available
immediately.  I ordered mine on the 6th with 2 week delivery so technically
it's not late yet.

> I was thinking of trying to get a USB host-to-host driver to function
> and was already looking at some different type of connectors to try it
> with (the ones I was looking at which have drivers in Linux 2.6 are
> Belkin or PROLIFIC based and I was last looking at support for those
> in uClinux).
> However, I've become too preoccupied with projects for work/college to
> the point I have to postpone this to at least June 2009 (and even then
> I don't know if I would be successful).

I misread the DSerial Edge wiki page, apparently the RS232 level converters
were taken off, but making a box with them in shouldn't be too much of an
issue.  Whether host USB will be possible remains to be seen though.  At the
least it will require an inverter to get 5v (although I have an inkling that
these are builtin).

The preliminary microphone code is in SVN now and although it works, it's
not exactly usuable at the moment.  I'm in the process of porting SoX to aid
sample conversion:

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