Microphone driver and DSerial Edge

Alessandro Lo-Presti agilo3 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 20:24:11 CET 2008


Cool news on the mic front!

As for DSerial EDGE: I bought(/preordered) one as soon as it became
available and have since recieved it.
I was thinking of trying to get a USB host-to-host driver to function
and was already looking at some different type of connectors to try it
with (the ones I was looking at which have drivers in Linux 2.6 are
Belkin or PROLIFIC based and I was last looking at support for those
in uClinux).
However, I've become too preoccupied with projects for work/college to
the point I have to postpone this to at least June 2009 (and even then
I don't know if I would be successful).

At any rate, I'd love to see support for DSerial EDGE (and most of all
USB -- just thinking of programming for the Pokemon Mini on the DS
gives me itches :]) and I'd love to help where needed (until June I'd
only be able to do lesser time consuming stuff such as debugging or
testing, though).

Oh, also I must admit I haven't done too much programming for the
Nintendo DS(/GBA) yet (aside from trifles, small experimentations and
small ports of applications to DSLinux -- which I never published, as
they're not interesting and of much use at all).

Kind regards,
Alessandro Lo-Presti

2008/12/15 Ewan Meadows <ewan.meadows at gmail.com>:
> I was contacted by sjoemac through the forums and they expressed an interest
> in writing a mic driver for dslinux.  I have been chatting with him via pm
> on the forums and I thought people might want to see this
> "Right now I have a "working" mic driver, but it probably could use a little
> more work. I'm going to clean it up a little and hopefully post it tonight."
> I've also ordered a DSerial Edge (
> http://www.natrium42.com/wiki/DSerial_Edge ) with the aim of writing a
> driver for DSLinux, which should open up a lot of possibilities.  I've not
> received it yet, but RS232, MIDI and maybe even host USB should be
> possible.  Has anyone played with these cards or is thinking about buying
> one?
> Thanks
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