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Thu Sep 27 22:20:50 CEST 2007


It took me long enough, but here it is!
This is a port of TinTin++ to DSLinux. Tintin is a MUD client, designed for
playing text-based online RPGs. It works better than Telnet does on its own;
it has command history, tab completion, scripts, macros, and a really cool
map feature.

Unfortunately, the diff command hates me, so the file (attached) is a bit of
a mess. (And 1.5 MB!). Should do the trick, though, I hope...

The original source is TinTin++ version 1.96.8, available from Sourceforge:

Notable changes for DSLinux port, using TinTin++ version 1.96.8:

-Resized output of "help credits" to fit screen size
-Added note at bottom of credits confirming this is the DSLinux version and
not some freaky mutant binary gone sentient, capable of running on any and
every computer platform.
-Added automatic saving and loading of data at boot and exit, using file
/var/tt++. This way, extra scripts only have to be loaded once!
(Unfortunately, you are then stuck with them). Could be much more flexible,
for example loading multiple files (each script gets placed somewhere and
loaded automatically) and saving tabs from sessions, but, alas, it is not.
-Using custom chat.c which does not require pThreads. Thanks to Scandum (at for this!

The reason for that auto saving and loading is not just that it's a great
feature to have, sadly.  A weird bug that I haven't given much (or any)
attention to causes the program to behave painfully when it tries to read
values of its command line arguments.

All the rest works, though, and quite well :)

-Dylan McCall (AKA: Picklesworth)
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