Ewan Meadows ewan.meadows at
Wed Oct 31 14:28:51 CET 2007

> Hmmm.. and you think the ALSA interface would be better?
Maybe not, but it's currently better supported than OSS and I get
better performance out of my desktop box if I use ALSA over OSS.

>Unfortunately the DSLinux build system doesn't create
> > devices in /dev for alsa, only /dev/dsp for OSS compatibility.  :-(
> This one is easy. Just add the missing entries to the Makefile in the
> DLDI directory!
Ah yes, but the problem I have is two fold.  One is finding out what
missing entries are needed.  The problem being is that I couldn't seem
to find a simple howto that shows you which devices are needed,  All
the howto's I found just say to run the provided script, which won't
work in DSLinux as /dev is ro.

The second problem (and I'm not 100% about this yet) is that I think
that alsa audio software may try and change permissions in /dev, which
isn't possible.  I think I'll have to put the devices in tmpfs
somewhere and put a symbolic link in /dev (I had to do this for
dropbear IIRC).  The bonus with this approach is that it should mean
that the provided script to build /dev should work.

Would it not be better to have /dev symlink'd to somewhere in tmpfs
and have the necessary nodes automatically created on boot?

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