Ewan Meadows ewan.meadows at
Wed Oct 31 02:53:05 CET 2007

I've been messing around porting xmp ( and
have found that using the OSS driver it is very slow, suffering from
clicks.  I would like to try the alsa driver instead and managed to
get alsa-lib ported ok and rebuilt xmp with alsa support.  So far, so
good.  Unfortunately the DSLinux build system doesn't create devices
in /dev for alsa, only /dev/dsp for OSS compatibility.  :-(

The script to create these devices included in with alsa-driver needs
bash to run and expects to be able to mknod and chown/chmod stuff in
/dev, so it's pretty much a dead end going that way.  At the moment
I've got to the stage where I've compiled a few things from alsa-utils
and these seem to run ok although they can't find any soundcards.  I
think it's probably just a case of making the right nodes to get it
all running.

/me stops playing and goes to bed.

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