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Stefan Sperling stsp at
Mon Oct 29 22:38:32 CET 2007

On Mon, Oct 29, 2007 at 05:02:59PM -0400, Dylan Garrett wrote:
>    Yay, I managed to remember the pass on my first try. :)


If the password ever gets useless to keep spammers out, we can easily
extend the password patch into a question/answer system like we
have on the forums. The MoinMoin wiki is written in python,
so modifying it is no big deal.

>    Ironically, I don't even get most normal capcha's on my first try.
>    (stupid colorblindness) :(

Stupid captchas.

I think a question/answer captcha like we have on the forums
with questions that require some research (and be it reading the FAQ)
is a much better solution to keep spam out than automatically generated
captchas. It also helps keeping out stupid questions.

Even human drones unknowingly solving captchas for spammers while
surfing for porn probably won't be bothered to solve questions
like "What is the name of the wireless network configuration
script in DSLinux?" :)

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