new wiki activated

Stefan Sperling stsp at
Mon Oct 29 02:00:26 CET 2007

Hey all,

I've activated the new wiki by creating a htaccess redirect
for all URLs that refer to

The old wiki is still there, but can only be accessed by
replacing "/wiki/" with "/mediawiki/". For example:
will get you to the old Using_DSLinux page in mediawiki.

Something is wrong with the style sheets in the mediawiki since
I've moved it, it looks horrible now. Also the links inside the
old wiki itself won't work, you'll have to copy the link URLs
into the browser bar and edit them.
But at least we can retrieve information from it if needed :)

It would be great if everybody could have a look through the
new wiki and fix any errors you come across.
Most of the valuable content should be migrated.

Oh, I almost forgot: You need to create and account to edit
the new wiki, of course - and it will ask you for an "account
creation password". The account creation password is the standard
DSLinux root password (which has not actually been used anymore
since we got autologin, but I guess you all remember it).
If you cannot remember it, it's on the old wiki ;)

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