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On 10/25/07, Stefan Sperling <stsp at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> today I've started setting up a new wiki at
> It's not in use yet.
> The wiki engine is MoinMoin:
> The syntax of Moin is a bit different from Mediawiki, see
> The change is needed because we cannot upgrade php on,
> but current versions of mediawiki require a newer version of php.
> I could not find any good anti-spam solutions for the mediawiki
> version we're running, so we need something else quickly.
> Also, I've found a very simple anti-bot account patch for
> MoinMoin here:
> I've tested it and it works fine. It's very small and simple,
> yet probably better than whatever I could find for Mediawiki.
> Before taking the new wiki live, we need to migrate the content.
> I don't really think that importing the history of the old wiki
> into the new one is important, do you? This would simplify the move.
> I guess we only really care about current docs anyway.
> My current plan is to find or come up with a simple
> mediawiki->moimoin syntax conversion script, run it on
> copies of the wiki pages like the ones I have at
> and remove
> all the XML in those files.
> Then we can add the pages to the new wiki manually and get rid
> of a bit of old cruft (and spam!) along the way.
> It would be great if you could check the list of pages on
> to see if you find any
> pages missing. I will convert the pages listed there (at least
> those that are still valuable).
> I guess trying to migrate accounts is not worth the hassle,
> everybody will have to sign up again, sorry.
> Another thing we need a solution for is that MoinMoin runs as
> a CGI script, not php, so the URLs to the new wiki will
> be a bit different. But we cannot afford to break the old links
> because the wiki has been linked from the forums an awful lot.
> So it would be great if we had some magic in place which simply
> makes all links to the old wiki point to the new wiki.
> For example, the link
> should be redirected to
> All page names will stay the same.
> Any ideas what the easiest way is to get this done?
> Thanks,
> --
> stefan
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> 0xF59D25F0
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