Patch for OpenVPN

Ewan Meadows ewan.meadows at
Thu Oct 11 15:46:17 CEST 2007

> oops your diff was missing changes for user/Makefile so it wasn't building :)
Ah, of course, sorry.  I'm not too sure that all the entries for
vendors/Nintendo/ were applied as well.  There should be an entry in
/etc/rc.common and /etc/rc.defaults and also I think the dev node
entry for the TUN driver in vendors/Nintendo/DLDI/Makefile wasn't
applied, even though they were in the patch?  Any idea why this might
be?  I'll check out a clean svn tonight and I should be around in
#dslinux to discuss things.

> Also how do I have to configure the /etc/openvpn.conf ?
> I copied the openvpn.conf.example to openvpn.conf but I just get an error
> message when it tries to start, not sure what I need to change in it.
It's based on a very simple config, the web address in the example
should explain it.  The reason it's not working is more than likely
that the /dev/tun node isn't available as explained above.  The
example setup requires that you generate a key using openvpn --genkey
--secret static.key and place it in /etc.  You have to copy this key
file to the remote computer.  As I said, the link in the example file
should explain it.

Next up on my list of things to port is the mail utility I've got
kicking around here and then I'll get the auto-update script finished
and tested.


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