Nano-X speedup

Amadeus amadeus at
Fri Oct 5 17:58:34 CEST 2007


On Freitag, 5. Oktober 2007, Stefan Sperling wrote:
> Is an extra list of known huge programs more managable than
> an extra build with a custom vendor config? I don't know.

Yes, I think so. This list will be pretty small. Because... the internal 
RAM is also small. Only a few selected programs will come into this 
list. It's not HUGE programs, it's "programs with need for speed".

> The second is that I think that most people would like to boot
> directly into the GUI by default once it is usable, but some purists
> (like me ;) don't want that

So if you have extra RAM, what build would YOU prefer?

> , or more seriously, we CANNOT do that 
> without making DSLinux unusable for people without RAM expansions.

Yes, of course.

> I thought this would be a nice opportunity to address both
> these issues in one go, with seperate builds being the obvious
> solution, one with GUI and one without, and different rc.default
> settings (start_pixil="YES" vṡ. start_pixil="NO").

I don't think that start_pixil and have_extra_ram is the same...

I have commited the 2 nds-files solution to svn. Let's look how users 
think about it!

(It was pretty easy to do, and the makefile has needed a cleanup 


We're back to the times when men were men 
and wrote their own device drivers.

(Linus Torvalds)

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