moving things on vendor branches

Stefan Sperling stsp at
Mon Jun 4 17:51:55 CEST 2007

I'm about to move things in branches/vendor/ a little.

Currently we have paths in there like:

	branches/vendor/autologin/user/autologin/<source code>

which I will change to:

	branches/vendor/autologin/<source code>

In fact the trunk/user/ and trunk/lib/ directories were inherited
from uClinux. So branches/vendor/uclinux will not be moved.

The reason for this change is that mirroring parts of the directory
structure of uClinux (and inherently trunk/) on the vendor branches
has little benefit.

Worse, it's confusing to know where to put what when importing new
software. I've just accidentally imported tint into vendor/tint/user/tint
while it's supposed to end up in user/games/tint on the trunk.
I figure importing it directly into vendor/tint/ is much more sane.

Another questions is what happens when we move something on the trunk,
say from user/ to lib/. To keep things consistent we'd have to move it
on the vendor branch as well for no good reason.

I'll clean up the tags accordingly after cleaning up the vendor

I will also update the svn repo guide in the wiki.

I hope this change won't cause any problems ;-)

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