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On Sun, Jan 28, 2007 at 11:56:21AM +0800, Chris McCormick wrote:
> Hi All,
> I recently gave a talk at during which I did a compare and
> contrast of Linux on the Gp2x and the NDS.

Very good talk. 

The only inaccuracy I could make out was that TinyX equals microwindows,
they're not two distinct windowing systems. They had to change their
name (apparently because MS approached them about it). Also GUI development
has basically been stalled by C++ problems in the toolchain (see mailing
list archives). I don't know when this will resume because debugging
relocation problems in the linker is not exactly to everyone's taste,
and the amount of free time is limited as usual.

Also the 8bit write problem workaround description was a bit
blurry, but I guess none other than Amadeus could really explain
it properly in detail (I myself certainly couldn't :)
What you missed is that the swap instruction somehow causes
a whole cache line to be written back to memory instead of only
a single byte. Cache lines are 16 bit wide, so this is apparently
why the workaround works. Also, the swap instruction is atomic,
which is a minor but important detail.

Regarding forums vs. mailing lists:

I personally prefer mailing list communication as well, but
it's great to have the forums for the large bunch of people who
have user questions. This helps keeping this list relatively
low-volume and on-topic, which I really appreciate.
Basically, I see the forums as a way for users (and developers
to a certain extend) to help other users, and the mailing
list and IRC as a medium for developer discussion (which would
frankly suck if we had to do it on the forums).

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