Fixing the dropbear SSHd

Ewan Meadows ewan.meadows at
Tue Dec 18 02:05:14 CET 2007

I've managed to get the dropbear sshd working again and just finishing
off the final touches before I commit that changes.  It involved
increasing the amount of legacy PTY's available to 16 (3 seemed a
little small) and symlinking the /dev/ttyp devices to /var/run and
using mknod to create them on boot.  I'm having a little trouble
(probably due to the weekends excesses) getting a bit of code sorted
for vendors/Nintendo/DLDI/rc, anyone fancy helping?

mknod /var/run/ttyp0 c 3 0
mknod /var/run/ttyp1 c 3 1
mknod /var/run/ttyp2 c 3 2
mknod /var/run/ttyp3 c 3 3
mknod /var/run/ttyp4 c 3 4
mknod /var/run/ttyp5 c 3 5
mknod /var/run/ttyp6 c 3 6
mknod /var/run/ttyp7 c 3 7
mknod /var/run/ttyp8 c 3 8
mknod /var/run/ttyp9 c 3 9
mknod /var/run/ttypa c 3 10
mknod /var/run/ttypb c 3 11
mknod /var/run/ttypc c 3 12
mknod /var/run/ttypd c 3 13
mknod /var/run/ttype c 3 14
mknod /var/run/ttypf c 3 15

There must be a more elegant way of doing this but my brain is unable
to help me at the moment, some kind of for loop or something.  As soon
as I get this sorted I'll get the changes commited and we can finally
have a secure remote shell.


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