General Purpose Mouse patch

Troy Davis troy_ed at
Thu Apr 12 22:50:28 CEST 2007

here is the new patch for updates to add /var/run as a ramfs and to create a .keep file in the directory, so that it will be extracted by unzipping programs that don't extract empty directories by default- called var-run.diff

Download the original source gpm-1.20.1.tar.gz from apply the gpm.diff
  There is a fix to libpng included in the gpm patch also.
  GPM needs to be added to configuration for the ones that can run it still.

start gpm with 
gpm -m /dev/mouse0 -t ps2 &

currently since the touchpad only emulates a 1 button mouse all you can do is move the text cursor around and a doubleclick will highlight the word, and a triple click with highlight the line.

Also some work needs to be done to start it as a daemon process on startup etc if prefered.

I still need some good ideas and probably some help with changing the touchpad mousedriver and/or using dpad/buttons for combination mouse buttons etc, to make this more functional.
Troy Davis(GPF)

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