RAM and ext2

Amadeus amadeus at iksw-muees.de
Sun Apr 8 10:49:14 CEST 2007


On Samstag, 7. April 2007, Malcolm wrote:
> This does not imply a bug in vfat.  It may be that vfat just exposes
> a bug elsewhere.
> I still suspect the supercard SD driver is to blame.

I don't think so.

It's not only the supercard MMC driver.
It's also the supercard DLDI + Block driver.

So the problem might be in
a) the block layer
b) the vfat layer
c) the uClibc layer
d) the shell tab completion

I don't think it is in the block or vfat layer. If the linux kernel is 
not able to deal with 2 GByte SD cards, this bug would be fixed soon. 
But there is no entry in the changelogs, and my home PC is dealing with 
2 GByte cards fine.

So I think the problem is in uClibc or Busybox.

Can somebody test with a 2 GByte CF card?

> Why are you spending so much effort on a workaround for a bug?
> Fix the bug first.

Yes, please!

And I think that ext2 should be avoided as far as possible because it is 
a burden for each user which has no linux desktop PC.


We're back to the times when men were men 
and wrote their own device drivers.

(Linus Torvalds)

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