Framebuffer coding

Troy Davis troy_ed at
Wed Sep 27 19:02:10 CEST 2006

I have been playing around with the framebuffer on dslinux. 
This required changes to the ndsfb.c to allow for scaling of the background, the arcade emu phoenix uses 208X248 and since the screen size is 256X192 didn't fit to well, so I added so logic that if you set the yres to 256, it uses the yres_virtual and xres_virtual as scalers for the screen of 256X256. Not sure if this was the best way to accomplish this so I thought I would get some input before submitting a patch. Also how would it be best to use other sized backgrounds/modes and then reset them back, would this be part of the framebuffer driver maybe an accelerate driver matches the context better ?
I have also been playing around with libSDL and have a basic video only port done that uses the nano-X video driver, still needs work though as the RGB is displaying as BGR, and maybe it would be better to write a custom video driver or maybe the existing fb driver or DirectFB driver would be better?
I have got DirectFB compiled now, also but I am assuming I need to find where the palette handling is done so I can set bit15 for 16bit displays. I know this is a dependancy of some other possible ports but I haven't used it before so hopefully someone can identify a quick demo that would allow me to test the lib before I continue.
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