Problems porting fbi

Patrick West patrwest at
Fri Sep 22 03:30:51 CEST 2006

I am trying to port fbi to dslinux but am running into trouble. After a bit
of fiddling I got fbi to compile, I had to get a copy of libjpeg from the
uClinux web page. All of the configuration was already done to accept
libjpeg, I guess it was removed at some point.

I couldn't get the build scripts to copy the executables over to the proper
directory for  some reason so  copied it over manually. The problem is when
I try to run it is just crashes complaining about program relocation.

The error is:
BINFMT_FLAT: reloc outside program 0x44df0200 (0 - 0xfa107434/0x2d4c0),
killing fbi!

I found some other people online that got a similar error using uClinux and
it was because of endianess, could that be the problem here? I am not very
familiar with uClinux.

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