Problem compiling IDE layer with 8bit compiler patch

Amadeus amadeus at
Sun Sep 17 12:39:32 CEST 2006

On Sunday 17 September 2006 12:15, Daniele Forsi wrote:
> I still get the same compiler error today building RAM and RAM-DEVEL
> it is triggered by the 'long long' qualifier to addr_req in
> static unsigned long long idedisk_set_max_address_ext(ide_drive_t
> *drive, unsigned long long addr_req)
> I'm using dslinux-toolchain-2006-08-30-i686 and up to date CVS
> sources

Can you test MY toolchain at ?

We're back to the times when men were men 
and wrote their own device drivers.

(Linus Torvalds)

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