need help with dropbearkey and debugging the toolchain

Stefan Sperling stsp at
Fri Sep 15 13:18:43 CEST 2006

On Fri, Sep 15, 2006 at 07:54:20AM +0200, Amadeus wrote:
> Stefan,
> On Wednesday 13 September 2006 21:52, Amadeus wrote:
> > can you test with attached longlong.h?
> have you tested? Any results?

I've tested it a while ago, and ran into issues I wanted to
take a closer look at. I've not reported yet since I have
no time to take closer looks at the moment (I have exams).

The patch does not compile, because you cannot use "int" in
that file. Only libgcc-internal types such as UWtype
are allowed. See libgcc2.h:

/* Make sure that we don't accidentally use any normal C language built-in
   type names in the first part of this file.  Instead we want to use *only*
   the type names defined above.  The following macro definitions insure
   that if we *do* accidentally use some normal C language built-in type name,
   we will get a syntax error.  */

#define char bogus_type
#define short bogus_type
#define int bogus_type
#define long bogus_type
#define unsigned bogus_type
#define float bogus_type
#define double bogus_type

I've tried substituting int with DWtype. The GBAMP build
I've compiled with this fails to mount the CF (data abort).

I had no time yet to check whether GBAMP is at the moment
broken in general, or whether the change I've made to
your patch is causing this, or whether the patch itself is
broken. Maybe I should have used Wtype instead of DWtype?
Is a word 32bit or 16bit? I assumed 16bit, but I'm not sure
what is considered a "word" on ARM.

By the way, could you take the time to test compile your
patches?  Testing patches just to find out that they don't
compile is not much fun and a bit of a waste of our time.

It should not be a big deal. You do not have to build the
whole toolchain again just to run a test compile.
Just build the toolchain once, hack src/gcc-4.0.2,
and then run:

	cd toolchain/
	rm ./src/gcc-4.0.2/.stage2-compiled

This should run a test compile. You may have to run the
touch command on libgcc2.c if gcc Makefile's do not
pick up changes to longlong.h automatically.

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