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As I was trying to make mutt work on DSLinux, I found it difficult to
integrate the fact that configure generates Makefile and you basically have
to create one yourself to at least add the romfs: rule. Not to mention
configure has to be called with some environment variables (CC="ucfront-gcc
arm-linux-elf-gcc" CFLAGS=" -mswp-byte-writes -DCONFIG_NDS_ROM8BIT"
LDFLAGS="-Wl,-elf2flt") which are already in the scripts.

So, please find attached a small script that adds the capability to execute
a Makefile.uClinux if it exists, otherwise uses the regular Makefile.

Also attached is my mutt Makefile.uClinux as an example of how easy it is
then to integrate new apps. Just have that Makefile.uClinux patch the app,
call configure, then make locally. And all the compile options are already
there during the configure, which makes it easier.

Comments welcome, of course.


PS : how about moving to SVN, it should be lighter on the server, shouldn't
it ?
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