Dictionary Support for DSLinux

Malcolm malcolm.parsons at gmail.com
Sun Oct 15 12:53:42 CEST 2006

On 10/15/06, Stefan Sperling <stsp at stsp.in-berlin.de> wrote:

> 2) Am I reading this wrong, or does the romfs target below allow
> only one dictionary to be installed? What about allowing
> multiple dictionary files to be installed? Do programs using this
> take an argument specifiying the dict file name?

Debian installs both, and uses a symlink to decide which to use.
I think we only need one word list, the British one ;)

> (Now, if only FAT supported symbolic links :-/ )


>            -l /usr/share/dict/british-english /usr/share/dict/words

I don't think this hardlink will work either.

Malcolm Parsons

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