gcc 3.4 toolchain question

Bradley Remedios bremedios at gmail.com
Sat Oct 14 11:03:14 CEST 2006

On 10/14/06, Amadeus <amadeus at iksw-muees.de> wrote:
> On Saturday 14 October 2006 09:49, Bradley Remedios wrote:
> > There is a really old article here
> > http://linuxdevices.com/articles/AT3186625227.html that talks about
> > two companies that apparently did this back in July of 2002.
> Yes, it's a good article. And it sums up to: you have to use ELF or you
> have to do the compiler/loader magic with static IDs. This is bad if
> you have lot of small dynamic libraries.
> > I think that the concentration should be on
> > getting something up and running first.
> Yes! And don't ruin the running DSLINUX by applying heavy modifications.
> So I have disabled these plugins and try to start the core applications
> first.

Yeah, I don't plan on adding in Shared Object support as it will break
a lot in the interim (Basically anything that uses ncurses for the
meantime.)  I'm just checking a few things out for now.  I'm also
quite new to DSLinux and am also just figuring out how the whole build
system works.

> > I started to make some changes to just go and see if DSO's would even
> > work with DSLinux, but ran into a weird problem with linking ncurses.
> DSOs?
> Digital Storage Oscilloscopes?

Sorry, Dynamic Shared Objects, basically runtime loading of Shared
objects via dlopen, dlsym and family.

Tommorow or the next day I'm going to mess around a little bit more
with the build system, and such not then I will probably start looking
at Pixil and trying to figure out which applets are loaded dynamically
and maybe start on that work.

Bradley Remedios
bremedios at gmail.com

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