gcc 3.4 toolchain question

Amadeus amadeus at iksw-muees.de
Fri Oct 13 21:28:37 CEST 2006


On Friday 13 October 2006 10:52, Bradley Remedios wrote:
> I'm trying to port QTopia / QT Embedded to DSLinux,

Wow. Welcome, brother. 
I am trying to port PIXIL..

> I'm wondering if anyone has gotten a 3.4 toolchain to work for
> DSLinux or if I'm going to have to build my own.

The gcc compiler for DSLINUX has a modified code generator to compensate 
for the lack of write strobes for the 32 MByte GBA ROM space as RAM.

It took me 3 months to do this. Are you _really_ want to port this mod 
to 3.4?

> I don't really want to
> spend too much time fixing things up for QTopia because I am not
> totally sure if the DS Lite will have enough horsepower for QTopia
> because it is really quite underpowered if you compare it to the
> hardware that QTopia is designed on / for.

This is true. Qtopia is usable on devices with >= 200 MHz Clock.
And 32 MByte RAM for CODE and DATA is very limited...

It makes no sense to me to have a PDA environment where I am not able to 
start any real applications because of memory requirements...

So I have decided to try PIXIL (www.pixil.org). It's not a good as 
Qtopia, but it will run fine on the DS. And if the core of PIXIL is 
running, we can add applets/programs/eye candy. I will be very glad if 
we can program together.

I am able to compile and link PIXIL with DSLINUX, but the c++ 
environment of DSLINUX is broken. Without a fix, you will go nowhere 
with Qtopia....

The problem is, that the C compiler include files are modified, and are 
in the DSLINUX source directory.

For C++, the C++ header files are copied into the DSLINUX source tree, 
but the gcc 4.0.2 c++ headers do not work with the (older?!?) C headers 
in the DSLINUX source tree. We will have to compare the headers and fix 
the issues. 

Compiling and linking with the unmodified C headers will lead to 
nonworking programs.

We're back to the times when men were men 
and wrote their own device drivers.

(Linus Torvalds)

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