user/sysutils/kill.c: Data abort

Amadeus amadeus at
Tue Oct 3 23:53:46 CEST 2006


On Tuesday 03 October 2006 23:18, Malcolm wrote:
> How come the RAM build doesn't use the busybox kill which works fine?

The busybox programs are stored in romfs, using main memory.

So every program which is not needed to mount the SD card should not be 
in romfs, it's a waste of memory.

I have not known that most non-busybox utilities in uCLinux are so bad. 
Even "ls" has no colors.... IMHO, the non-busybox programs should have 
more comfort and options as the busybox implementations?

We're back to the times when men were men 
and wrote their own device drivers.

(Linus Torvalds)

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