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Tue Oct 3 23:14:25 CEST 2006

On 10/3/06, Daniele Forsi <dforsi at gmail.com> wrote:

> symbolic links cannot be copied on a FAT filesystem (e.g. a MiniSD)
> you get error "Operation not permitted"

FAT doesn't do hard links either.

> > There is only one copy of the busybox binary in the romfs.
> that's right, but the builds that use a FAT filesystem cannot avoid
> getting duplicate files (not a big problem, since RAM build takes
> ~40MB)

busybox is not stored on a FAT filesystem in any of the DSLinux builds.
It is in romfs in every build except GBAMP-EXT2 where it is on an ext2
The RAM build currently uses 12MB.

Malcolm Parsons

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