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Sun Nov 26 11:07:13 CET 2006

I'm replying here to a couple of questions GPF asked on IRC while
I was AFK, since he logged off immediately after asking them...

<GPFaway> ah ok the the second patch method would be easier

Indeed. :)

<GPFaway> but also need to change #define GPM_NODE_FIFO  _gPATH_DEV "gpmdata"
<GPFaway> to #define GPM_NODE_FIFO     "/var/run/gpmdata"


<GPFaway> also how do i reply to a maillist thread so its threading and
not just a new thread with the same subject ?

That depends on your mail reader. It should add an  In-Reply-To
header, which specifies the message ID the message you are replying
to, like this: In-Reply-To: <20061125072424.42710.qmail at>
Maybe there's an option in your mailer to enable this?

<GPFaway> also i tried to enable libpthread support and got this error
BINFNT_FLAT: reloc outside program 0x68ee2100 (0 - 0x3a1ed4/0x1c8420),
killing links! any ideas ?

I don't think we have pthread support. I guess kernel level threads
(pthreads are kernel level) need proper virtual memory, i.e. an MMU.
But I may be wrong.

<GPFaway> i think the next thing i have to work on with links -g, is the
fonts, I had to remove all but the smallest font to get it to work, so
all the font rendering is done by the same font which I think might be
the problem I haveing with missing fonts and other corruption

As long as everything is displayed that's fine.
We already have two browsers with fixed-size font, so a browser
with a fixed-sized font and images is better than what we currently

<GPFaway> the graphics are all included in font_include.c, which by
default was over 2.5mb source which is included in arrays. Is there a
way to specify that they get stored in RAM memory and not in ds memory ?

I'm not sure, but I think that in the RAM build, the 4MB main memory
is only used by the kernel and whatever is in romfs. Links probably
won't use it.

<GPFaway> and also I have narrowed it down yet, but if I try to view a very large
graphic it can run out of memory and crash links and usually dslinux as

That's life without an MMU. Images consume an awful lot of memory.

  no MMU -> no paging -> things either fit in memory or they don't
  -> memory is not used as efficiently as on, say, a PC
  -> programs using lots of memory (e.g. for images) crash easily

32MB of RAM might sound sufficient for a PC, but on the DS memory
just does not scale the same way.

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