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Troy Davis troy_ed at
Sat Nov 25 08:33:09 CET 2006

>Very nice. What image types do you have working? (png, jpg, gif, tiff... ?)

I have enabled libpng, and libjpeg which i got from the uclinux_branch, I had to fix libpng's Makefile so it didn't build a

I have made more progress this evening and have got the mouse working in links now, with some updates to libgpm

so far this seems to be the best way to start it
links -g -dither-images 1 -display-optimize 1 -html-image-scale 90 -menu-font-size 8 -aspect-on 1 -dither-letters 1 -html-user-font-size 8

It's working pretty good so far, still some problems with screen not refreshing and some font problems in the menus and occasionally in the screen.

The good thing is if you don't specifigy -g when starting links, it works as before except if GPM is running, you can use the text console mouse :)

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