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Thu Nov 23 09:40:17 CET 2006

On Thu, Nov 23, 2006 at 10:42:46AM +0800, Chris McCormick wrote:
> I find it silly just using a touchpad device to try and emulate a
> mouse. The DS is a really unique device, what about writing some extra
> code to set DSLinux appart as follows: make a 3rd mode for the touchpad
> apart from keyboard and mouse modes. This mode would send to a device
> other than psaux called 'touchpad' and programs would be able to upload
> visual templates into the touchpad screen, or access it like a framebuffer
> and draw on it. This way we could write apps that utilise the touchpad
> the way it's meant to be used. It would enable us to create more 'pda'
> like interactive apps instead of clumsily emulating a mouse and running
> X. What do you guys think?

As far as I understood, we're trying to port Linux and
applications that are already available for it to the DS. We're not
trying to write tons of new code ourselves that makes use of the
features of the DS in a special way.

GPM is a standard feature for most Linux systems, which means that it
can be used by a lot of available apps (e.g. links, which we already
have running). GPM is also familiar to Linux users. They'll know what it
can and what it cannot do for them. All it needs is another 2 buttons.
Adding them is much less work than what you proposed.

If you need a PDA-like interface, either come up with one, or just
buy a PDA. The Zaurus has Linux pre-installed.

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