GPM ported

Troy Davis troy_ed at
Wed Nov 22 00:18:16 CET 2006

>On 11/21/06, Troy Davis <troy_ed at> wrote:

>> Here is a diff that moves /var (/var/tmp, /var/run) and /tmp to a ramfs
>> instead of fat media. Attached is the diff - dslinux-var-tmp-ramfs.diff

>This caused problems for /var/games and /var/www .
>Please only make /var/run a ramfs.

>Malcolm Parsons

Well I am running into problems with that since the other /var/xxxx are on FAT(cf/sd) for at least the RAM build, I might have to create a new mount point like /extradev and use that for the ramfs and change gpm to use that instead.

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