bsdgames hack fix

Malcolm malcolm.parsons at
Thu Nov 2 11:09:24 CET 2006

On 11/2/06, Bradley Remedios <bremedios at> wrote:

> 1. This works with all current font sizes (4x6, 4x9 and 6x6)

OK.  Using kernel config in userspace is unusual, but it works.

> 2. I've disabled the locking as it uses the link function, and hard
> links are not supported in fat.

OK, but why have you added a printf call that isn't used?

> 3. I've modified it to store the game data in /home/.games/bsdgames/hack.

Why?  (Don't do this).

You missed:
4. Install the record file.

Installing files that the user will change causes problems when they
upgrade DSLinux.
You need to install it somewhere else, and copy it there at run time
if it doesn't exist.

Malcolm Parsons

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