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Mon Jul 3 18:16:22 CEST 2006

Yes its OK to attach patches :) Well it was on the old list

On 7/3/06, Tobias Gruetzmacher <tobias at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new to DSLinux development. I think I may contribute one or another
> patch (and stupid idea ;) ) in the future. I'm starting with 3 small
> patches, which can be found here: (BTW: Is
> it ok to attach patches to this mailing list?)
> The patches do the following:
> 1. Fix rc.d in some builds. The content of the CVS directory was copied.
> 2. Remove a generated file from the repository. (Mathomatic man page)
> 3. Add support for setting DNS servers in the network config.
> The patches were exported from a local git repository which I generated
> by mirroring the DSLinux CVS. If there is interest in a public git
> mirror of the DSLinux code, I try to set something up. I'm still
> experimenting with git myself, so things may be broken (but the patches
> look alright to me ATM :)).
> I also made some local changes to the wfcdump source to make it easily
> usable from the network configuration, but this program seems to be in
> flux, is there something planned with it?  IMHO the most useful output
> for the network configuration whould be direct "name=value" lines, so
> ypu can just do
>         eval `wfcdump -c $wfc_config`
> to configure the DSLinux networking from the WFC settings (I have a
> local copy that does this, but I need to catch up with some changes in
> the DSLinux CVS).
> Greetings Tobi
> PS: I also pulled up the wireless_tools to version 28 in my local copy,
> but you probably want to do that with a branch, right?
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